miércoles, 13 de mayo de 2009

¿Cómo apoyamos la fotovoltaica?

El sistema actual de apoyo a la fotovoltaica está creando como sabemos ciertos problemas, por los que nos estamos haciendo famosos internacionalmente…Yo siempre he defendido que quizá el sistema más apropiado para apoyarla es otro, y me alegra saber que no soy el único:

At the current rate of research, solar cells will be two times (or more) efficient than the current solar panels in five to six years. So, spending $50M today to power 1300 homes really seems like a waste. I realize they are doing this to meet a federal mandate. It just goes to show how backwards thinking these mandates are. Spend some of that money up front on R&D, through the government so that the technology isn't proprietary, then allow everyone to use the technology and let the market take over. Same as HD TVs were. They started at $25K a piece when the technology was proprietary, now everyone has the technology and the prices are now affordable.

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