sábado, 13 de marzo de 2010

La ingeniería está de moda…

…en Harvard. No sólo la ingeniería, también la ciencia en general. El motivo:

“What’s changing in the world right now? For better or worse, it’s science and technology,’’ Whitesides said. “If you’re going to be a citizen in this society, you better know how all this stuff works.’’

O, según la presidenta Faust:

“Science has too often been taught as a mode of exclusion, as a way of sorting people out,’’ Harvard president Drew Faust, who is a historian, said in an interview. “Science education isn’t just for people who are going to be Nobel Prize-winning scientists. We need to have an education that enables a wide range of students to be excited by the sciences. People who go into policy fields need to understand science. They can’t just say, ‘That isn’t for me.’ ’’

Y además, con métodos innovadores para contársela a los alumnos:

The changes are evident beginning in students’ first year. Instead of introductory biology or chemistry courses that required freshmen to memorize endless lists of facts, Harvard now offers a broader life-science approach that integrates disciplines and shows first-year students why science matters in the real world. Through the lens of AIDS and cancer, students learn basic biology, cell biology, physiology, and population genetics.

Cuando uno lee estas cosas se da uno cuenta de lo que mola estar en una buena escuela de ingeniería tratando de mejorar el mundo…aunque sea a pequeña escala…

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