lunes, 18 de mayo de 2015

¿Quién dice que los revisores no están reconocidos?

Una de las quejas que se hacen del modelo de publicaciones científicas es que se basan en el trabajo voluntario de los revisores (entre otros). Bueno, pues Elsevier quiere cambiar esto. Acabo de recibir lo siguiente en mi buzón de correo. ¿Quién necesita dinero después de un reconocimiento como éste? :)

Thank you for reviewing for Energy Economics
Dear Prof. Linares,
We want to make it easier for our reviewers to be recognized for the important contribution they make to Elsevier's journals and so have created My Elsevier Reviews Profile BETA, a personalized page where you can:
  • Track your reviewer status 
  • Claim reviewer discounts 
  • Collect your certificate 
  • Share your reviewer record 
  • Access your annual review history report 
  • Volunteer to review for more journals
My Latest Review 
Energy EconomicsDecember 2014
Congratulations - you have been awarded Outstanding Reviewer Status! You are awarded this status as you are in the top 10th percentile in terms of the number of reviews completed for Energy Economics in the past two years. 
There’s no need for you to log in and only you have access to your personalized page – unless of course you want to share your reviewer record.
When you take the time to help others improve their papers, you are instrumental in enabling the progress of science, technology and medicine. My Elsevier Reviews Profile aims to create a standard way of recording and acknowledging your efforts, providing you with a means to make your contribution more widely visible.
We’re committed to recognizing reviewers and would love to hear your feedback, get in touch via the contact us page.

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