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Número especial sobre universidades e innovación

De mi buzón de correo:

Cambridge Journal of Economics
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Special issue: Universities as Strategic Actors in the Knowledge Economy
May 2012

Universities as strategic actors in the knowledge economy

Enrico Deiaco, Alan Hughes, and Maureen McKelvey
Camb. J. Econ. 2012 36: 525-541

Are universities and university research under threat? Towards an evolutionary model of university speciation

Ben R. Martin
Camb. J. Econ. 2012 36: 543-565

Government policy, university strategy and the academic entrepreneur: the case of Queensland’s Smart State Institutes

Mark Dodgson and Jonathan Staggs
Camb. J. Econ. 2012 36: 567-585

Transforming traditional university structures for the knowledge economy through multidisciplinary institutes

Simon Mosey, Mike Wright, and Bart Clarysse
Camb. J. Econ. 2012 36: 587-607

Universities, Technology and Innovation Centres and regional development: the case of the North-East of England

John Goddard, Douglas Robertson, and Paul Vallance
Camb. J. Econ. 2012 36: 609-627

University technology transfer: how (in)efficient are French universities?

Claudia Curi, Cinzia Daraio, and Patrick Llerena
Camb. J. Econ. 2012 36: 629-654

Crossing the Rubicon: exploring the factors that shape academics’ perceptions of the barriers to working with industry

Valentina Tartari, Ammon Salter, and Pablo D’Este
Camb. J. Econ. 2012 36: 655-677

Universities in emerging economies: bridging local industry with international science—evidence from Chile and South Africa

Elisa Giuliani and Roberta Rabellotti
Camb. J. Econ. 2012 36: 679-702

Innovation and university collaboration: paradox and complexity within the knowledge economy

Jeremy Howells, Ronnie Ramlogan, and Shu-Li Cheng
Camb. J. Econ. 2012 36: 703-721

Pathways to impact and the strategic role of universities: new evidence on the breadth and depth of university knowledge exchange in the UK and the factors constraining its development

Alan Hughes and Michael Kitson
Camb. J. Econ. 2012 36: 723-750

Investigating the complexity facing academic entrepreneurs in science and engineering: the complementarities of research performance, networks and support structures in commercialisation

Evangelos Bourelos, Mats Magnusson, and Maureen McKelvey
Camb. J. Econ. 2012 36: 751-780

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