martes, 13 de abril de 2010

Conclusiones del EU Dialogue on the Energy and Climate Challenge

Ayer y hoy he estado en una reunión organizada por IDDRI, FEEM y CEPS sobre el futuro de la política energética y climática en Europa. Las ideas principales del primer día:

  • Moving to 30% will take us nowhere in international negotiations. So we must unbundle the discussions about the international and the domestic European agenda.
  • Europe must show clearly that we believe in a low-carbon economy. And there are many side benefits of increasing the target: energy security, innovation. Of course, some sectors may have their competitiveness reduced.
  • Another issue is consistency: if we are serious about reducing 80% emissions by 2050, we should move to the 30% by 2020 (although the 20% is consistent, the 2ºC cannot be achieved according to some models).
  • There are currently inconsistencies between objectives and instruments in European policy.
  • We need targets for transport, given its relevance. Maybe even targets per transport mode. But it is difficult to do this at a European level.

Supongo que al final publicarán unas conclusiones o resumen, colgaré el enlace cuando esté disponible.

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