miércoles, 28 de octubre de 2009

Glaeser sobre Meyer

Un resumen de su obra, pionera en el campo de la economía del transporte. Una muestra:

Two of the book’s major policy conclusions have remained mainstays of economic policy advice.

First, highways will never be appropriately used until they are appropriately priced. Unless drivers pay the full social cost of crowding congested urban roads during peak hours, then those roads will remain overused and society will pay a large cost in wasted time. Second, buses are pretty much everywhere more cost-effective than urban trains. We are so used to buses as we experience them, moving slowly along crowded city streets, that we forget Mr. Meyer’s point that buses on dedicated lanes, “freeway fliers,” can be just as fast as urban trains.

As Mr. Meyer wrote, “a freeway flier system, if afforded congestion-free travel, is always the cheapest form of high-performance line-haul transit, even at high population densities.”

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