martes, 6 de septiembre de 2016

Los retos medioambientales de la Compañía de Jesús

De cara a la Congregación General 36, José Ignacio García los desgrana de manera implacable e impecable, en mi opinión. A las universidades nos lanza un par de balas:
Lifestyles, both personal and community
There is a huge range of initiatives that can be implemented and apart from goodwill, competent advice from professionals and practitioners must be sought for more effective action in energy saving, the adaptation of buildings, responsible consumption, among others.
The accompaniment and closeness to the most vulnerable communities
Without this closeness, it will be impossible to understand the magnitude of the challenges and how communities can respond.  Special attention must be given to regions such as the Amazon or the Congo basin as these environmental reserves are essential for the future of humanity.  These regions are also more sensitive to the impacts of climate change and its degradation and destruction will cause much suffering, loss of lives, and the displacement of millions of people.
The responsible management of our investments
Province funds are needed to support apostolic works but must be invested with integrity. Some of the most important current issues include divesting investments in fossil fuel companies or ensuring that Jesuit institutions do not invest in companies involved in the plundering of natural resources.
Deepening the contribution of our educational institutions
It is not only the “excellence” of our students to develop professional skills that will lead to the success of well-paid careers. The education “for others” should include men, women, and Creation.  Our educational institutions must be leaders in promoting social and environmental sustainability and shifting “excellence” to “leadership for service.”
The celebration of creation as a gift that we receive
While the contemplation of the Incarnation in the Spiritual Exercises plunges us into the dynamic of salvation that God offers, we need to realize that this salvation includes all creation and also the environment in which we live.  We need to celebrate creation to appreciate “so much good we have received.”  Only gratitude, as we learn in the spirituality of Saint Ignatius, has the capacity to mobilize to follow the Lord in a long-term engagement and free of ideological baggage.
Ojalá que la CG36 le escuche y asuma su mensaje.

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