jueves, 22 de enero de 2015

Mapa de recursos renovables globales, de IRENA

Una iniciativa interesante para hacer un primer filtro de disponibilidad de recursos renovables:
The Global Atlas for Renewable Energy is an initiative coordinated by IRENA, aimed at closing the gap between nations having access to the necessary datasets, expertise and financial support to evaluate their national renewable energy potential, and those countries lacking such elements. As of January, 2015, 67 countries and more than 50 institutes and partners were contributing to the initiative. The Global Atlas facilitates a first screening of opportunity where further assessments can be of particular relevance. it enables the user to overlay information listed in a catalog of more than 1,000 datasts, and to identify areas of interest for further prospection. IRENA is continuously adding information to the system. Currently, the initiative includes maps on solar, wind, geothermal and bioenergy resources along with one marine energy map. The initiative will eventually encompass all renewable energy resources, providing global coverage through the first-ever Global Atlas for Renewable Energy.
El interfaz es vistoso, pero la verdad es que promete más de lo que luego realmente tiene (que tampoco está mal).

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