martes, 15 de septiembre de 2009

Medidas alternativas al PIB

Joseph Stiglitz defiende (con toda la razón, en mi opinión) que hay que dejar de usar el PIB como medida del bienestar y de la sostenibilidad de las economías. Muy interesante todo el artículo, la conclusión:

Too often, we confuse ends with means. One of the criticisms of our economies in the years prior to the crisis is that they did exactly that – a financial sector is a means to a more productive economy, not an end in itself. Even worse is to confuse an improvement in a measurement of well-being with an improvement in well-being itself. Our economy is supposed to increase our well-being. It, too, is not an end in itself. Hopefully, the work of our commission will have increased the impetus to align the metrics of well-being with what really contributes to quality of life – and, in so doing, help us direct our efforts at those things that really matter.

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