domingo, 14 de septiembre de 2008

Para aprender economía ecológica

No es que yo sea un gran fan, pero por si a alguien le puede interesar, aquí está un post de Environmental Economics sobre un curso online de Economía Ecológica de Robert Constanza.

I'm emailing you to ask whether you would be willing to post a link on your blog regarding a new Certificate in Ecological Economics being offered online by Dr. Robert Costanza through the Gund Institute for Ecological Economics.

We are currently offering two full courses, Introduction to Ecological Economics and Introduction to Simulation Modeling, completely online. Unlike other online courses, all the content associated with these courses is freely available under the creative commons license. Besides the content being used within this course directly, additional content is also available which may be useful to others teaching Ecological Economics courses.

The Gund Institute for Ecological Economics is also beginning a library of videos related to ecological economics. These videos can be found on both the Gund Institute website ( and on YouTube (

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