miércoles, 23 de julio de 2008

Friedman sobre la crisis energética

En su columna del NYTimes. Me parece un buen resumen de la situación, y de lo que hay que hacer. El mejor párrafo, para mi gusto:

When a person is addicted to crack cocaine, his problem is not that the price of crack is going up. His problem is what that crack addiction is doing to his whole body. The cure is not cheaper crack, which would only perpetuate the addiction and all the problems it is creating. The cure is to break the addiction.

Ditto for us. Our cure is not cheaper gasoline, but a clean energy system. And the key to building that is to keep the price of gasoline and coal — our crack — higher, not lower, so consumers are moved to break their addiction to these dirty fuels and inventors are moved to create clean alternatives.

Interesante hacer los paralelos correspondientes con la política energética española...

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