martes, 13 de octubre de 2015

Nuevo repositorio de datos para economía energética

Promovido por la IAEE, se llama Energy Data Links:

     We are pleased to announce IAEE Energy Data Links (EDL)- a brand new resource for energy economists to find and share sources of energy data from around the world, with exclusive capabilities for IAEE members.
With your help, EDL will become the internet's go-to hub for researchers, analysts and students to find energy-related data online, and exchange ideas on where to find new datasets. Please take a moment to go to the site and
  • Browse this open, member-contributed catalog of nearly 400 websites by category and geography,
  • Bookmark your favorite websites and see which ones are the most bookmarked by your colleagues, and
  • Contribute new links, make notes, and suggest edits to existing EDL entries.
There are already nearly 400 sites in our database, classified with almost 100 categories derived from IAEE's energy specialization codes! With your help, this will grow and improve over time.
We hope this will be a useful tool for IAEE members and look forward to promoting greater sharing and discussion of energy economics data around the globe.
Best Regards,

David Williams

PS: IAEE Energy Data Links is free and open to the public, so please share it with your colleagues and students!

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