viernes, 22 de enero de 2016

Lo que deben hacer las compañías energéticas tras París

Christoph Frei, secretario general del World Energy Council, dice que tienen que cambiar:

- apoyando la innovación en energía:
"You have to put another piece in there that’s very important: innovation. The INDCs are a commitment to promote renewables and cleantech. You have to combine that with the innovation story. Twenty countries are doubling their RD&D budget over the next 5 years. Industry leaders have announced a Manhattan-type innovation drive. If you are not on the forefront of that as an energy company, you are going to lose out. There may be no legally binding deal to force you to do things, but if you are not part of the innovation frontier, you may not be around in the foreseeable future".
- dividiéndose para cubrir distintos nichos:
"If you are coming from a traditional context, and you have to move to a new environment, with different types of investors, different timeframes, dealing directly with households, that requires different skills. That said, we will also need a system backbone. We will need gas in many economies for a very long time. We also need the skills, the investors, the policy measures, to deliver this backbone. So these players have their justification as well.”
- y diversificando sus servicios:
"You will want to have fuelling stations that can offer a mix of fuels. On the supply side, many international oil companies are changing from oil to gas but they are also investing in renewable energy. I expect some major announcements on that front".
- los países productores de petróleo, abriendo el grifo:
"Oil-rich countries will have to rethink the context in which they produce and this will weaken cartel thinking. The logic to produce as much as you can now is becoming stronger".
- el carbón no tiene mucho futuro:
"So it is not easy to have a view of a prosperous future for coal. Companies need to get really pro-active on CCS if they want to believe in the future of their resource. If they don’t come up with a coherent long-term vision for the CCS development, it’s going to be difficult to do anything that shows true scale and goes beyond a project by project approach".
- y el gas, pues de puente:
"Gas is still a strong story for the near future. As a substitution for coal, but also as a bridge in other areas, for example, in transport, or as storage medium for renewable energy. There will be a lot of opportunities for gas".
- la eficiencia, en cambio, muy complicada :)

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Fernando Leanme dijo...

Frei no sabe mucho del negocio. Supongo que con ese puesto que tiene debe sacar algo así de vez en cuando. La lista de errores que tiene ese artículo es bastante larga.

Por ejemplo, podemos revisar lo que dice sobre la innovación que deben impulsar las "empresas energéticas". Si eso se refiere a empresas que generan electricidad, en realidad la investigación en energías renovables no paga mucho para esas empresas. Ellas compran dispositivos en un mercado abierto, ofrecen construir algo en un mercado subsidiado, buscan financiación y gerencian contratistas que hacen el proyecto en sí. La única tecnología nueva que les cae bien es la habilidad de modelar el viento en el futuro. Y eso también lo pueden alquilar.