martes, 24 de marzo de 2015

Clean Energy Ministerial 6

En un par de meses se celebra el Clean Energy Ministerial, un foro global (más) para empujar la transición hacia un modelo energético más sostenible.

The sixth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM6) will be hosted by the government of Mexico on 27-28 May 2015. Energy ministers and other high-level delegates from the 23 participating Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM) governments will come together to assess progress to date and identify the critical next steps for accelerating our transition to a global clean energy economy. With five years of work behind the CEM, CEM6 will be a decision-making meeting to plan for how this global forum can be more effective and ambitious going forward. It will be an opportunity to demonstrate how each of the member governments can implement the key policies and strategies to help meet national clean energy goals and how the CEM can contribute to a successful outcome for the climate change negotiations in Paris in December 2015.
No tengo claro lo que se podrá conseguir en este foro, pero mientras, hay algún documento interesante como este sobre el futuro de los sistemas eléctricos.

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