lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011

Normas sociales vs incentivos

Este post de Ariely creo que interesa desde dos puntos de vista: el de teoría de la decisión (predominancia de las normas sociales por encima de los contratos), y otro, el de gestión de equipos (en mi caso, universitarios):

A CEO of a large internet company recently told me about one of the worst decisions of his career. He instituted a very specific performance-evaluation matrix that would determine 10% of his employees’ compensation. Before this, the firm, like most, had a general agreement with its employees—they had to work hard, behave well, and were measured on certain goals. In return they were rewarded with salary increases, bonuses, and benefits. This CEO believed he could eliminate the uncertainty of the incomplete contract and better define ideal performance.
The complete-contract approach backfired. Employees became obsessively focused on meeting the specific terms of their contracts, even when it came at the expense of colleagues and the company. Morale sank, as did overall performance.

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