martes, 8 de abril de 2008

McArdle sobre la titularidad de los profesores (tenure)

Parece que en EEUU ha habido un par de discusiones sobre el tenure de profesores, y McArdle aprovecha para expresar su opinión (básicamente contraria). Lo curioso es que, cuando uno lo lee, no sabe si se está refiriendo a EEUU (con su sistema sólido, bien documentado, con evaluaciones externas contra un panel, etc.) o al gran sistema que tenemos en España, tan objetivo y tan poco endogámico. Este párrafo no tiene desperdicio:
Then there are the assorted characters that every academic complains about: the guys who won't do a damn thing for the department except show up and teach their two; the ones who stopped publishing anything other than op-eds the day their tenure (or full professorship, or chair) came through; the ones who get away with bullying the junior faculty because after all, they'll be on your tenure committee; the various forms of workplace social affective disorders that develop upon the realization that no one can do a damn thing to you; the guy who leaves the real teaching up to the TA because all he cares about is getting publications or, post-tenure, time on the golf course; the capricious crankery that goes into various kinds of decisions; the dead-enders who get invested in pointless or wrongheaded projects that never come to completion; the junior faculty who are afraid to disagree with powerful superiors they know are wrong; the senior faculty who hang on long after they are capable of doing good research or good teaching, because there's no way to ease them out.
Seguro que a muchos profesores españoles les suenan estas cosas...

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