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Cuidado con las revistas-timo

De mi buzón de correo (gracias a Mamen Valor):

From: []
Sent: Tuesday, 24 November 2015 4:05 PM
To: MGSM Academic Staff
Cc: MGSM Research Office
Subject: Beware of predatory and unethical publishers

Hi All,
Macquarie University’s ERA Team & FBE have asked that the following information & warning be circulated to all researchers.
Predatory and unethical publishers are flourishing and becoming sophisticated in their methods.
These kinds of practices are have become so prolific, so quickly that the quality processes of organisations such as the ABDCScopus, and the ARC (ERA journal list) can't keep up. 
We have recently identified a number of unethical publishers with journals on the ABDC Journal quality list, Scopus and/or the ERA 2015 journal list: Virtus InterPress, The institute for Business & Finance Research and EUROJOURNAL. 

Many experienced and esteemed researchers in Australian institutions have fallen prey to predatory publishers by relying  on the current publication quality indicator lists.

No longer is it sufficient to rely solely on these indicators of journal legitimacy. Nor is it sufficient to use any single indicator.

Maintaining a black list or a white list in these rapidly changing circumstances is a challenge.

Personal vigilance is essential. Be very wary of invitations to submit to journals/conferences or to become a journal editor.
You could  have your valuable research paper excluded from HERDC, ERA and faculty funding, if published in an outlet that proves to be unethical. 

Publishing in, or being listed as an editor (with or without your permission), for an outlet perceived as low quality at best, and unethical at worst is very damaging to your and to Macquarie University's reputation.
Also be vigilant when assessing the publications of HDR applicants, and outlet suggestions for students.

Some of the practices:

·         falsely listing as editors reputable academics from reputable institutions, and using this to entice others to agree to be editors, or to publish in the journal
·         no proper peer review of papers
·         using the same or similar name as a reputable journal or publisher - always check using the ISSN
·         publishing thesis verbatim without editorial processes
·         inviting papers for bogus conferences.

Resources to help you do your due diligence:

·         The attached files
·         Lists of predatory publishers ( and journals ( are maintained by Jeffrey Beall, the Canadian librarian who coined the term ‘predatory journal’
·         The library website
·         A five point plan to help researchers avoid predatory journals is recommended by Jocalyn Clark (who is executive editor of the Journal of Health, Population and Nutrition, and was a senior editor at PLOS Medicine and assistant editor at The BMJ) at
·         A detailed description of the factors that make for a predatory journal can be found at

The Faculty Research and HDR Units are working with the ERA team and the library to develop processes to identify unethical publishers and journals. This will facilitate their removal from ABDC, Scopus and ERA lists.
A university statement and checklist are under development. There will also be an MQ process to determine how publications from these outlets will be handled in regard to HERDC and ERA reporting.
In the meantime, if you:

·         need assistance to check the legitimacy of a publisher or journal, or
·         are named as an editor on a journal without your permission, and have been unsuccessful in having your name removed

send the details of journals and publishers (eg full name, ISSN, web address, etc) to, cc .

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