miércoles, 25 de julio de 2012

Muy buena referencia sobre tecnologías energéticas

Para ir directo al grano, del tipo de los Technology Briefs de la ETSAP. De mi correo estos días en MIT:

DOE technology assessments report (QTR)

The Department of Energy has released seventeen technology assessments performed as part of the Quadrennial Technology Review.

According to the introduction, these are meant to be accessible summaries of the techno-economic aspects (e.g., current deployment, historical pace of progress) and R&D opportunities in the most important energy technologies or systems. Collectively, these assessments support the analysis and judgments of the Report on the QTR, available at www.energy.gov/qtr.

The seventeen technology areas are:
1. Internal Combustion Engine Efficiency
2. Vehicle Lightweighting and Aerodynamics
3. Vehicle Electrification
4. Alternative Hydrocarbon Fuels
5. Building Efficiency
6. Industrial Efficiency
7. Grid Infrastructure
8. Grid Storage
9. Grid Measuring, Modeling, and Control
10. Carbon Capture and Storage
11. Concentrating Solar Power
12. Fuel Cells for Distributed Generation
13. Geothermal
14. Nuclear Power
15. Solar Photovoltaics
16. Water Power
17. Wind

Felices vacaciones a todos!!

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