jueves, 27 de mayo de 2021

La visión de JP Morgan sobre la transición energética

Se nota que es Vaclav Smil quien está detrás de este informe 😀: cero pensamiento mágico. Su conclusión:

This year we start with the four big obstacles to faster deep decarbonization: slow penetration of EVs, required upgrades to transmission infrastructure, geologic carbon sequestration and electrification of industrial energy use. The overarching message of this paper is not climate nihilism; it’s that the behavioral, political and structural changes required for deep decarbonization are still grossly underestimated. If so, the companies we all rely on for dispatchable, thermal power and energy will need to survive and prosper until we get there.

El informe además hace un análisis muy realista también de la crisis de Texas.

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