martes, 16 de junio de 2009

De renovables e I+D

Un par de nuevos papers interesantes, citados por Climate ChangeS:

The Economics of Renewable Energy

by Geoffrey Heal
- Greater use of renewable energy is seen as a key component of any move to combat climate change, and is being aggressively promoted as such by the new U.S. administration and by other governments. Yet there is little economic analysis of renewable energy. This paper surveys what is written and adds to it. The conclusion is that the main renewables face a major problem because of their intermittency (the wind doesn’t always blow nor the sun always shine) and that this has not been adequately factored into discussions of their potential.

Interesante, aunque si uno echa un vistazo a la bibliografía ve que Heal, que es un candidato a Nobel en economía ambiental, no conoce mucho la literatura europea en este sector, que es bastante más potente que la estadounidense…

On General Versus Emission Saving R&D Support

by Brita Bye and Karl Jacobsen
- We analyse welfare effects of supporting general versus emission saving technological development when carbon emissions are regulated by a carbon tax. We use a computable general equilibrium model with induced technological change (ITC). ITC is driven by two separate, economically motivated research and development (R&D) activities, one general and one emission saving specified as carbon capture and storage. We study public revenue neutral policy alternatives targeted towards general R&D and emission saving R&D. Support to general R&D is the welfare superior, independent of the level of international carbon price. However, the welfare gap between the two R&D policy alternatives is reduced if the carbon price increases.

Muy interesante este: una de las políticas preferidas para luchar contra el cambio climático es I+D en tecnologías bajas en carbono…si resulta que es más eficiente invertir en I+D en general, esto cambia algo las cosas…aunque por supuesto puede depender mucho de la tecnología baja en carbono considerada…A estudiar bien.

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